Cynthia Kenworthy
Seattle business and healthcare freelance writer.

 I tell and sell your unique story.
Electrify your target audience with insight-driven content.

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About Cynthia

Quality • Impeccable Service • Experience

From articles to white papers, case studies, blogs and books, I am a master of quality, professional writing. When you hire me, you get fresh, clear, insight-driven content backed by meticulous research and a tone tailored to your unique audience.

The right words forge relationships, create understanding, change minds and open wallets. My writing conveys expertise and personality. Who says business writing is boring?

Many clients come to me with horror stories of writers who flake out or don’t understand their requirements. If you need reliability and professionalism, you have come to the right person.

Email or call me at 206.249.7262.


White Papers

Demonstrate your expertise with an in-depth report that tackles a highly relevant topic. Backed by authoritative research, a white paper conveys your professionalism and provides highly useful information to your target audience. These are ideal lead magnets.

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Case Studies

Speak to your ideal customer by relating a success story that showcases your understanding of their specific needs and specialized knowledge of their industry. Follow a client story through its full life cycle to share what it is like to work with you or your firm.

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Blogs and Articles

Original, actionable and informative writing that engages your audience. Help your readers by solving problems, sharing new ideas and teaching them about your solutions with SEO-savvy content.

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Have confidence in your written materials with expert editing, from developmental editing to persnickety proofreading. Improve flow, coherence and organization, and eliminate errors including spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes.

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Keep customers, leads and contacts excited about your business with a newsletter that updates them on your niche, provides educational content and promotes your products and services.

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Digital books are a great way to present buying guides, deep dives into a specific topic, lead magnets and educational resources.

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Book Ghostwriting

Bring your subject, idea, history or business story to life with a compelling and professionally written book. I can interview you, work from notes or your past writings and/or do independent research.

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Website Content

You have just a few seconds to grab the attention of someone who lands on your website. Get ranked with great content. Keep them engaged by provoking curiosity, offering effective solutions to their problems and being memorable.

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Personal Finance

I have written extensively about retirement planning, money management for women, tax planning, debt management and investing topics such as real estate, insurance, mutual funds, roboadvisers and more.

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Turn to me for expert content about the business of healthcare, medical marketing, pharma, biotech, medical devices, epidemiology, and insurance/regulatory issues. I also produce compliant consumer articles on health topics like specific conditions, stress management, weight loss plus patient education materials.

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With my infographic packages, you can present your information in a visual way and make it more memorable. Interesting data and a compelling image are a great recipe for content that is highly shareable, enduringly relevant and top ranked in search results.

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I produce topical and compliant content for both laypeople and professionals including law firm websites and blogs in the area of trusts and estates, family practice and intellectual property.

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Why Cynthia?

The Focus Is On You

You, your firm and your brand have a story to tell. I listen, understand and excel at communicating that to the people who matter – your customers, thought leaders, investors and industry peers.

Quick Study

I have a voracious curiosity for learning new things, and I ask the right questions to get to the heart of the matter quickly, teasing out what makes you unique.

Deadline Driven

I never miss deadlines. Ever. With me, you can say good-bye to being held hostage to writers who delay your project, flake out or make excuses.


In my more than 15 years of experience, I have written about a vast range of industries and subjects, from Ebola to cloud computing.

Contact Cynthia

I am a Seattle-based freelance writer specializing in business and healthcare, crafting high-quality content including case studies, blogs, articles and white papers. Email or call me at 206.249.7262.