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If you produce content, you probably have clear goals for it: to educate, inform, influence or entertain. But if your audience does not connect with your writing, your efforts are wasted.

People won’t stick with you long enough for you to accomplish your objectives, and they are unlikely to seek out your next blog, book, article, update, white paper or case study.

There are some themes that fascinate everyone, that resonate with all kinds of people including the people you most want to engage. In this post we talked about the importance of touching your reader on a human, emotional level.

So without further ado……. 12 kinds of content everyone wants to read:

    1. Content that teaches us how to solve a problem.
    2. Content that tells a gripping story.
    3. Content that confirms our preconceived notions.
    4. Content that confounds our preconceived notions
    5. Content that makes us laugh.
    6. Content that has a surprise ending.
    7. Content that helps us save time.
    8. Content that discloses secrets.
    9. Content that lets us see the world through someone else’s eyes.
    10. Content that helps us save money.
    11. Content in which right beats might.
    12. Content that makes us feel we are part of something bigger.

No matter what you are writing about – from aluminum car parts, marketing to millennials or Major Lazer – keep these universal human themes in mind if you want your reader to engage. Are you stumped about how to bring universal appeal to your topic? Get in touch with me here. I’d love to help you make your next project irresistible.

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