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Online tools make managing your Kanban board easy. (via Wikimedia)

Online tools make managing your Kanban board easy. (via Wikimedia)

If you aspire to work more effectively, you most likely have heard about Kanban, a methodology used to track and manage workflow. Kanban emerged in Toyota’s lean manufacturing techniques and gained popularity in the IT world.  Today, it is used in virtually every business sector, from accounting to retail to healthcare, and for all types of projects. It has been embraced by companies like Pixar, Spotify, and Zara, and is credited with improving productivity, reducing waste, and boosting quality.

Yet many people have trouble pinpointing exactly what Kanban is, and more importantly, how to put it into practice. In this article, we will offer a concise guide to using Kanban. You’ll also learn about the tools you need to make Kanban work for you now and in the future.  Plus, Kanban pros and leading authorities look ahead and talk about what is needed in the next generation of Kanban tools.

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