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Agile techniques simplify product backlog management.

Agile techniques simplify product backlog management.

We all know the feeling of having a million things to do and no idea how to get them all done. It’s easy to get pulled in different directions, lose track of priorities, or forget something important. To help manage the moving pieces, many people turn to “to do” lists.

Agile is an approach to software development that aims to improve collaboration, results, and quality of work. Scrum is probably the most famous project framework that has grown out of the overarching Agile methodology. A key component of Scrum is the product backlog, a prioritized list of desired features for your product, and can be used whether you are developing software or another kind of product. Think of the product backlog as the ultimate “to do” list for your project or product.

This article offers a deep dive into how the product backlog fits into a well-run Scrum project, how to create and manage a backlog, and how to gain maximum benefit from it.  See the checklist for step-by-step directions on building your backlog with examples and templates. You’ll also hear some of the leading Scrum and Agile experts discuss the mistakes they see most often and their best tips for optimizing the product backlog.


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