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Use facilities software to make your workplace operate more smoothly.

Use facilities software to make your workplace operate more smoothly.

Well-managed buildings cost less to run, create happier workplaces, and reduce their environmental impact.

Real estate is typically the second biggest cost item for companies after labor, and investments in and operating costs for facilities can total over 30 percent of a company’s annual operating costs, according to IBM.  Therefore, it makes sense to manage these assets as effectively as possible.

Achieving efficiencies requires measuring data like occupancy rates, maintenance schedules, and energy usage. Collecting this information can be a daunting task in itself. Then, to avoid data overload, systems are required to manage and extract insights from it.

This need gave rise to the field of computer-aided facility management (CAFM), or as it is more often called these days, integrated workplace management (IWM).

In this guide, you’ll get a quick primer on the history and benefits of CAFM and related systems as well as an examination of the features and functionality to look for in a tool to implement these practices. Then, use the decision matrix to choose the right solution for your needs. Along the way, check out advice and insights from experts on how best to implement facilities management solutions.

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