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Automation has become essential to using social media. Otherwise, it’s too much of a chore. This is a round-up of some good tools by Social Media Today. My favorite is Buffer which didn’t make their list. CK

As a social media manager, boosting key social media performance metrics such as likes, shares, mentions, and re-tweets is good, but in order to achieve optimum social media success, you also need to tap into the power of your influencers and existing customers. And the only way to appeal to them is by providing the right content at the right time.

More often than not, marketers overlook the importance of timing, however, in reality, it’s one of the most crucial and challenging factors in social media marketing.

Consider this:

  • Timing determines when your audience will pay maximum attention to your posts
  • Timing drives social performance of brands
  • Timing serves an experimental factor for checking performance of posts
  • Timing determines click-through-rate (CTR) of social posts

In order to ensure you’re reaching your audience at the right time, consistently, and maximizing the value of your content through re-shares, automation tools can be a key element in your evolving social process.

Here are seven great social media automation tools to consider for your business:

1. CoSchedule7 Social Media Automation Tools to Make the Most of Your Content | Social Media Today

If you have a content plan in place, but only need a software for its timely implementation, CoSchedule is the right content management tool for you. As a drag-and-drop calendar for WordPress, CoSchedule puts your social media and blog content onto the same calendar, enabling you to get a more holistic view of your social marketing efforts.

CoSchedule also enables you to use templates for scheduling content promotions. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about manually rescheduling your posts repeatedly – you can reuse content by dropping it to the tool’s “ReQueue” list.

The only significant downside of CoSchedule is that customizing your posts within the tool is not always easy because it involves a number of steps.

You can get CoSchecdule on free trial of 14 days, after which you will be charged $10 per month, per blog.

2. ContentDJ

7 Social Media Automation Tools to Make the Most of Your Content | Social Media Today

If you want well-curated content at your fingertips, ContentDJ is the tool you need. You simply provide the tool with an RSS feed or a hashtag, and it will find the kind of content you need to keep your audience engaged, and post it for you on your social accounts.

As noted, given timing plays a major role in social success, ContentDJ also enables you to determine the best time for publishing your posts.

You can synchronize your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WordPress and other accounts with the tool and automate your updates.

ContentDJ is available for a free trial of 14 days, after which you pay $470 per user per annum.

3. DrumUp

7 Social Media Automation Tools to Make the Most of Your Content | Social Media Today

If you’re tired of lengthy setup processes, DrumUp comes as a handy tool.

DrumUp’s wide pool of features – RSS feed reader, content libraries and auto-posting capability – make it an efficient content automation tool for businesses.

DrumUp enables you to schedule evergreen content, such as testimonials, case studies, interviews, guides and reviews from its content libraries, in order to keep your social media accounts active throughout the day. Moreover, you can sync your blog’s RSS feed to the tool so that it can auto-post to your social profile.

You can connect your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles though the tool.

DrumUp costs $15/month for 3 profiles, $39/month for 20 profiles, $79/month for 50 profiles and 4 team members and $159/month for 100 profiles and 9 team members.

4. MeetEdgar7 Social Media Automation Tools to Make the Most of Your Content | Social Media Today

MeetEdgar involves a few more initial steps to set up, but once its active, you can be sure of a seamless content management experience.

MeetEdgar automates your social media content by posting automatically from content libraries – you can use the tool’s default libraries or create your own. The tool also enables you to tag specific content as “Once use”, to ensure you don’t over post certain messages. You blog RSS feed can also be synced with the tool for auto-posting during the time slot you decided.

The tool is available at a price of $79 per month for 25 social profiles.

5. Sendible7 Social Media Automation Tools to Make the Most of Your Content | Social Media Today

Sendible is an ideal content automation tool if you have accounts on Google Plus and YouTube. It’s process is very simple – you can create content libraries, add “contributors” and “consumers”, and start filling them with content. Sendible’s dashboard even allows you to save recommended stories and custom posts for later use.

Sendible can auto-post content if you attach your blog’s RSS feed to it. The tool’s ‘SmartQueues’ system also enables you to create multiple schedules to consistently publish different content pieces.

Sendible costs $49/months for 6 profiles, $199/month for 30 profiles, and $499/month for 100 profiles.

6. Curata

7 Social Media Automation Tools to Make the Most of Your Content | Social Media Today

Curata enables you to explore, curate, and share relevant and engaging content via your social profiles. The tool allows you to organize your content, use annotations to add commentary and use precise targeting for increasing post reach.

Curata organizes content that’s most relevant to your brand, and you can easily tune and tweak your sources without hampering the flow of content. Your posts will be published with just one click. No lengthy setups and no wastage of time.

You can get Curata for free for 30 days, after which you’ll have to pay a minimum of $667 per month, dependent on the number of channels you want to use.

7. Sprinklr7 Social Media Automation Tools to Make the Most of Your Content | Social Media Today

Sprinklr‘s content planning and publishing tools are extremely useful in managing social experiences. You can get your social accounts completely under control with this amazing software.

Sprinklr enables you to manage your digital assets effectively across social channels, while the tool’s geo-limiting and geo-targeting features ensure that the right post reaches the right audience at the right time. You can use its tagging and automatic categorization features for managing and tracking messages.

Price available only on request.

Content is certainly king, but it can easily fail if the right distribution strategies are not implemented. By incorporating automation tools, you can improve your productivity, get better results from social campaigns, save time, and establish your brand’s social presence in a more effective manner.

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